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How to Use Caht AI Chatbot

Published: at 09:30 AM

Caht AI Chatbot is a chat interface application built using the Gemini Pro API, aiming to provide intelligent interaction experience and flexible customization options.

Table of How to Use Caht AI Chatbot

Obtain Gemini Pro API Key For Caht AI Chatbot

Firstly, visit the official website of the Gemini Pro API, and register or log in to your account to obtain the API key.

Write Code For Caht AI Chatbot

Write code using programming languages ​​such as Python, JavaScript, etc., to build a chat interface application using the Gemini Pro API. In the code, set the API key for authentication and define the interaction logic with the Gemini Pro API.

Customize the Chat Interface For Caht AI Chatbot

Customize the appearance and functionality of the chat interface according to your needs and preferences. This includes setting dialog box styles, user interaction methods, etc. You can use frontend development tools and frameworks to implement these customizations.

Summary of Caht AI Chatbot

To use Caht AI Chatbot, you need to first obtain the API key of the Gemini Pro API, then write code to build the chat interface application, and customize the appearance and functionality of the interface as needed.

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